Energy from waste

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Together we can create 3D industrial ecology – our way of saying we can extend natural resources and utilise materials to generate energy – to power manufacture. We can produce materials more sustainably that are then used to build the infrastructure needed to support day-to-day life across the planet.

Alternative Fuels

Significant environmental and commercial benefits can be gained through the use of alternative raw materials and alternative fuels.
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We have a large national coverage for tyre collection throughout the UK and currently have capacity to transform over 30% of the country’s waste tyres into an energy source.
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We operate two state of the art landfills in the Midlands region capable of accepting over 500 different EWC codes covering Non-hazardous, inert and hazardous material.
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As a business we pledge to reduce our dependency on natural mineral resources. 3% of raw material mix used in a typical plant could save 50K tonnes of natural resources. Introducing new initiatives such as a waste exchange programme will help us achieve our goal.
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Our diverse cross functional team have vast experience and knowledge of putting waste to work. Contact Sapphire for further information.
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Sapphire can offer a full supply chain solution for the collection of SRF from producers in the UK and deliver it to industrial plants in Europe and Scandinavia who are manufacturing products for their local communities.
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Engineering fuels for optimal performance