Our team of experts is on hand to assist our waste partners in effective and innovative solutions to waste. Harvesting value from waste requires a highly specialized evaluation and in most cases pretreatment.

To be able to deliver our sustainability commitments we focus on quality practice and environmental responsibility, safety,and cost benefits to all participants.

At Sapphire we have a reputation for building unique tailor made solutions and add value through numerous initiatives:

  • Conversion of existing plant and equipment to accept more chemically and commercially beneficial waste streams
  • Working with waste producers to optimise the quality of alternative fuels and raw materials destined for the cement works through pre-treatment and handling of waste
  • Identifying new opportunities in energy sources including energy capture and recycled energy
  • Develop unique solutions from using none industry standard processes and equipment to optimise value
  • Interface with equipment suppliers to offer input on contractor selection and performance

Did you know

We continuously self audit and undergo strict third party reviews in addition to being accredited to ISO 18001, 14001, 50001 and 9001.